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Nov 09 2018

Cape San Blas Area Update

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Our post-Michael recovery continues moving forward and all utilities have now been restored to the Cape, Indian Pass and C-30 Corridor.  Rental properties with minimal damage are trickling back onto the market. As I mentioned last week, businesses and some restaurants have reopened downtown. Admittedly we still look badly beaten and bruised, but we’re pretty much back to a functioning, operational level, so if you’re wondering what you can do to support our community I would have to say simply please plan to come visit. Our beaches are cleared and our sunsets remain the best in the world.

Our real estate market is slowly reawakening, with one sale and one new contract this past week, six new listings and one price change. Unfortunately, our new MLS provider told me flat out this week they cannot provide the same links to data I’ve shared with you for the past 11 years that our old MLS handled without a problem so I’m grappling with how to go about providing you with that data by some alternative method. The more time I spend with this new and so-called “improved” MLS system designed by Navica, the less I like it. It doesn’t allow me as a Realtor to share anywhere near as much info with consumers as our previous MLS provider did. Case in point: documents I upload to listings such as surveys, seller disclosures, or elevation certificates that are useful info no longer are available to the public, only to other Realtors, except by emailing them to consumers. This just seems so “Back To The 90’s” to me. I am not a happy camper.

Bottom line seems to me that I am going to have to figure out how to repackage the info my readers are accustomed to into my blog. If I can get back into my home this week I should have fewer distractions and more time to work on resolving this problem. Redesigning my website is long overdue so in the end it may not be a bad thing, but the timing sure could be better!

Trying to live a normal life surrounded by post-apocalyptic scenery takes some getting used to, but strangely enough, I find I am getting used to it. I’m becoming numb in a way I really don’t want to to the mountains of storm debris lining the sides of every road that initially upset me.  I accept that everything now takes much longer than usual no matter what, and trying to live on what used to seem like a “normal” time schedule is futile.   So much has changed in the past month. It’s hard to get my head around the enormity of that change. To get an idea of the magnitude of this storm’s impact, if you have ever flown into the NW FL Beaches Airport, you know how long a drive that is to the Cape. So now imagine nearly every building you see from the time you exit the airport until you arrive at the Cape being either damaged or destroyed.

If you have questions I can help you with, please feel free to call or text me at 850-227-5197, or send an email to I’ll be glad to help you in any way I can.

We are #CapeSanBlasStrong

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Nov 03 2018

We’re Making Progress

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Our area is recovering slowly but surely and getting a little bit better each day. Power has been fully restored, and water was finally flowing to the Cape north of the rocks at Stumphole on Thursday. Most internet service in the area is working, although Mediacom is still struggling with some cables that were damaged in the Stumphole area.  Cape San Blas Road road through that narrow strip remains open to all traffic.  Just know that when you approach the mile or so of patched stretches you need to drive very slowly as they are still rutted and extremely rough and could wreak havoc with your car’s wheel alignment if taken at higher speed. Piles of storm debris – appliances, mattresses, tree trunks and limbs, siding and roofing, furniture and dreams – are now mountainous on either side of the roads, growing taller every day, and we all pray for the day they are finally taken away.

Both of the stores on the Cape are open and gas is available at Scallop Cove. Even more importantly, their Blue Bell ice cream and deli sandwiches are back!  Restaurants in town are slowly reopening; Peppers lead the way, soon followed by Indian Pass Raw Bar Uptown, Krazyfish Grille, Provisions and Sand Dollar Cafe. On the fast food side of the aisle, McDonalds is open for drive-through only while their lobby is repaired/remodeled. The Burger King was razed a few days ago and is now a barren lot. The true barometer of recovery in the realm of food-to-go, though, is that the Pig is once again serving up the best fried chicken on the planet. Their shelves are stocked pretty well back to normal.

As for real estate, we are still in recovery mode so very little has transpired in the past three weeks as is to be expected. Most area banks have now reopened so that’s a big help. Many of our Realtors are still dealing with trying to get back on their feet. Happy to report that all of our offices at Coastal Realty Group are back up and running, and all of our agents are back at work. I fully expect activity to start picking up again in the coming months. Our inventory in my last weekly review before the storm on September 28 stood at 289 overall, with 86 homes and 203 lots listed for sale in the Cape San Blas, Indian Pass and C-30 Corridor MLS market. Today we’re at 242, with 63 homes and 179 lots.

I am still wrestling with our new MLS which has terrific data available and lots of bells and whistles on the user end; still puzzling over how to share all that beautiful market data with you. I haven’t been able to devote the amount of time to that as I would like as my husband and I are still working on trying to get our house back in order to a point where we can live in it again and finally return home; we are getting close and hopefully will have only another week or so of living out of a suitcase in the home of dear friends. I am so looking forward to being able to go back to focusing 100 per cent on my real estate business that I love and enjoy so much.

I appreciate your hanging in there with me through all of this. I am available on my cell if you have questions regarding real estate or recovery; please feel free to call any time.  850-227-5197. I hope all is well with you and look forward to hearing from you soon.

I leave you with my mantra through all of this:

The worst is behind us.

Today is better than yesterday and

tomorrow will be better than today.


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